Double Electric Beds

Electric beds have moving parts within the base to make a sleep station that allows a fuller and easier range of mobility. The perfect position for reading, sitting up, and watching TV can be found at the touch of a button!

Great for the elderly, or for those who find manoeuvring in and out of bed difficult, adjustable beds provide a hassle-free and comfortable way to find the perfect sleeping position. With options to sit up, lie down, or elevate a certain area of the body, all movement is gentle and controlled by an easy-to-use remote.

The base of the bed works by using segmented parts, and individual motors which control each section. King and super king sizes will come in two halves, which means each person can have control over their own side. All our beds will have a 5 part adjustable base.

Already popular with the elderly or infirm, electric beds are now increasing in popularity with the young, and people who want a more luxurious sleeping experience. Whether you require elevated feet to help circulation, or simply want a supported back while sitting upright, these beds can offer benefits to the sleeping needs of all kinds of people.

The complementing mattress will be memory foam or pocket sprung. These two mattress types are both a higher quality construction than traditional coil mattresses, and offer the best support for your whole body. A properly supported body will rest more fully, aiding recovery and benefiting your health. Check the description to see the tension of the mattress — a firm mattress will generally be beneficial to those of a larger structure or weight.

For those with an eye for style, electric beds don't have to be simply useful — they also come in a range of colours and fabrics, so that you can pick something that will suit your bedroom beautifully.

On this page, we sell mattresses and bases both separately and together.

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