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What is a chest of drawers?

A chest of drawers is a storage furnishing, usually comprising a frame that includes drawers. These drawers pull out using a handle, revealing space to store whatever you see fit.

Sizes of chest of drawers

Our range of drawer chests is available in different shapes and sizes, containing between two and seven drawers. Chest shapes vary from wide to narrow, so you can find the chest of drawers to match the space you're working with and ensure you settle on the perfect chest of drawers for your home.

Narrow chest

If you don't have much floor space to work with, you can opt for a narrow and tall chest of drawers instead. You can take advantage of ample storage space without taking up much room. With up to six drawers in these tall structures, they're perfect as sock or underwear drawers or storing items such as make-up or skincare.

Wide chest

Alternatively, if you have more space, a wide chest often provides extra storage and a larger surface area, perfect for displaying ornaments or plants. These practical chests can combine various drawer sizes, too, such as two large drawers the width of the frame and two smaller drawers adjacent to each other.

Styles of chest of drawers

Everyone adopts a different style for their bedrooms, which reflects in the bedroom furniture they choose. So, whether contemporary or classic, we have a chest of drawers to suit various bedroom aesthetics.


So many contemporary styles are available in today's furniture industry, varying from industrial-chic to scandi-style, minimalist and rustic modern styles. These styles can showcase wooden tones and painted surfaces; we even stock a mirrored chest for unparalleled luxury.


If you prefer furniture with more of an understated style, our classic chest of drawers collection will be great for you. Our farmhouse-style chests are some of our most popular types, alongside our rustic and vintage options. No matter your taste, you can rely on our stylish storage solutions to enhance your space practically and aesthetically.

What are our chest of drawers made from?

Here at Mattressman, you can find a mixture of solid wood chests of drawers and budget-friendly options constructed from real wood veneer. Some of the natural options we feature are oak, pine and rubber wood. You can discover what a particular drawer chest is built from by checking its specifications and product description.

How does our chest of drawers arrive?

Most of our drawer chests are flat-packed and require assembly.

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