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Who are Birlea?

A family-run company with over 20 years of experience and expertise, Birlea has provided households nationwide with high-quality furniture for many years. Moreover, Birlea also supply high-quality beds, including a wonderful range of fabric beds and kids' beds and mattresses to suit every sleeper.

What is the importance of bedroom furniture?

Whether it's books, electronics, clothes or any other belongings, furniture is essential to accommodate your room's possessions. In essence, no bedroom is complete without accompanying furniture. The furniture is equally as important as the bed; station your furniture around the bed and ensure a smart and organised set-up. Bedroom furniture paves the way for an organised and tidy bedroom providing storage for the room's belongings and easy access to essentials such as clothing. From a style perspective, your furniture must represent your room's aesthetics to ensure a cohesive layout culminating in a matching bedroom.

What does our collection of Birlea bedroom furniture consist of?

Chest of drawers

A chest of drawers is the ideal piece of furniture for folded clothes and accessories. Moreover, a chest of drawers features a spacious surface area for on-display storage or ornaments to be placed.


Like a chest of drawers but focused on clothes that require hanging up, wardrobes are integral to most bedrooms. Our Birlea wardrobes comprise many different structures and designs, and we even feature multi-functional wardrobes with drawers in addition to ample hanging space.

Bedside chests

As the name suggests, bedside chests are best placed to feature nearby the bed and can store your bedside essentials. Bedside chests are similar to bedside tables but feature the added benefit of storage options.


In the day and age whereby hybrid working is becoming more frequent, a desk can go a long way to creating an office space from the comfort of your home. If you want to kit out your study or guest room, look no further than our practical and stylish desks.

Dressing tables

Similar to a desk but with a focus placed on makeup and skincare essentials, our lavish and elegant dressing tables provide the perfect place to get ready for the day ahead. The combination of drawers and a spacious surface area has the potential to transform your daily skincare routine.


Every dressing table or desk needs an accompanying seat, and our minimalist and slight stools may be the way to go.

What styles does our collection encompass?


Whilst rattan embodies a quaint and traditional style similar to our wooden furniture range, its trendy and stylish aesthetic blurs the lines between traditional and contemporary styles.


Wooden furniture is synonymous with bedroom and living room furniture that have adopted traditional styles; the quaint and rustic aesthetic exudes character and charm. With different shades of wood available, the option of wood-effect materials and a range of accessories such as gold handles accompanying our wooden furniture, we're confident that our range will leave you spoilt for choice. In addition to our natural options, we also feature painted wood furniture, which offers a modern touch to a traditional style.


Our collection of furniture that boasts a contemporary style is defined by a minimalist aesthetic, a gloss finish and neutral colours such as black, grey or white.

Why shop with Mattressman?

With a commitment to high-quality beds, mattresses and bedroom and living room furniture, you can rely on Mattressman to deliver premium furniture at affordable prices. Our Birlea range is a prime example of this and will surely add the finishing touch to your home.

Free delivery

We pride ourselves on our efficient delivery service and function similar to that of an express delivery team. With Mattressman, you can receive your furniture as soon as the next working day (between 08.00 and 6.00), provided it's in stock and ordered before 4 pm.

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