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What comprises our GFW bedroom set collection?

Our collection can be categorised into three and four-bedroom sets, with the entirety of our range featuring a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and one or two bedside chests.

Bedside cabinet

Bedside cabinets are convenient and practical units that occupy the space beside your bed and accommodate your bedroom mainstays such as books, alarm clocks and other like-minded possessions.


Our collection of wardrobes features options with two or three doors providing a point of reference for the wardrobe's size in relation to your bedroom. Wardrobes are designed for clothes that require hanging with the space beneath the clothes, commonly utilised as a makeshift shoe cabinet or to store bedding and other storage. For context, a two-door wardrobe represents a narrow structure and is ideal for bedrooms in which space is at a premium; contrastingly, a three-wardrobe is a viable option for a spacious double room.

Chest of drawers

Whereas a wardrobe accommodates clothes that require hanging up, a chest of drawers caters towards folded clothes and garments. The spacious surface areas that tend to accommodate chests of drawers can also be utilised for televisions or on-display ornaments and possessions.

What is the appeal of a bedroom set?

Fantastic value

As is the case with most items bought as a set, you're likely to find that the regular price of a bedroom set equates to much better value than purchasing a wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bedside cabinet separately.

A cohesive aesthetic

It's not always easy to achieve a stylish bedroom aesthetic whereby your furniture works in tandem to ensure a cohesive aesthetic. The probability of your favourite bedroom pieces and furniture all matching and working in conjunction with your desired style could prove problematic. However, a bedroom set showcases matching furniture styles and alleviates any concerns that your bedroom may embody a disjointed style.

Our favourite GFW bedroom furniture set features

Brushed steel handles

Certain GFW furniture is instantly recognisable by the inclusion of brushed steel handles; these handles showcase a distinctively glamorous and opulent style and superbly contrast the contemporary sleek grey or rich blue finishes.

A varied range of styles

Whether a traditional or contemporary style categorises your bedroom, our collection features a bedroom set suitable for your bedroom. We feature a beautiful collection of natural, oak effect sets tailor-made for traditional bedrooms, painted wood effect sets that somewhat blur the lines between traditional and contemporary style, and sleek and minimalist furnishings defined by subtle beauty and monochromatic colour schemes. Our collection encompasses grey, blue, cream, white or natural finishes.

Free and fast delivery

With a commitment to not only affordable products but an affordable and efficient delivery service, you can rely on Mattressman. Our entire range of in-stock bedroom sets qualifies for free next-working-day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm) anywhere in the UK mainland. Please note we also offer a charged service for the Scottish Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands; further information can be found on our delivery page.

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