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SleepSoul Buying Guide

Developed by Birlea, SleepSoul was launched in order to bring the nation the perfect night’s sleep. Recently established, SleepSoul knows the ins and outs of what makes a great night’s sleep due to Birlea’s 20 years of experience in the bed and furniture industry. Read on to learn about SleepSoul’s brilliant qualities and whether their mattresses are right for you.

What are the benefits of SleepSoul?


SleepSoul wants to make purchasing a mattress as easy as can be, and that’s why every single one of their mattress options is delivered vacuum-packed. Allowing for simple manoeuvrability, you can navigate the mattress to your desired room effortlessly. Once there, simply unbox the mattress and allow up to 24 hours for the sleeping solution to return to its original form.

Completely hypoallergenic 

Every single one of SleepSoul’s mattresses embraces layers of foam and polyester fillings, steering clear of the use of natural options. Foam has a closed-cell structure, akin to the tight pore size that polyester offers, which overall makes it very hard for dust mites to build up within the mattress. Dust mites are often a trigger for hayfever symptoms, so consistently using synthetic materials in their mattresses are perfect for anyone who’s affected by hayfever.

Foam masters

As mentioned, SleepSoul is an avid user of a variety of foams in their mattresses:

  • Convoluted foam: Often used near the top layer of the mattress, their convoluted foam has been engineered to have breathability. Foam is known for its heat retention qualities due to its closed-cell structure, however, SleepSoul has combatted by engineering advanced airflow to combat this issue. Therefore, you can benefit from its body-moulding properties without getting too hot throughout the night.
  • Coolgel foam: Used as an alternative to the convoluted foam, SleepSoul has engineered the Coolgel foam to regulate your temperature whilst you’re sleeping and prevents heat build-up.
  • Soft foam: The perfect layer to reside above the spring unit, soft foam is the ideal base for the other foam layers or as a top layer that promotes weight distribution.
  • Memory foam: Acting as a transition layer for many of the foams, helping to minimise movement and have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Spring systems and support types

Mainly incorporating the use of pocket springs, open coil and foams, SleepSoul has really mastered the art of hybrid sleeping solutions. Their mattress support range from softer to medium firm, which is suitable for a variety of sleepers…

  • Softer: the lowest tension of mattress we offer, softer mattresses are best designed for side sleepers and lighter statures. This is because a soft surface provides cushioning to pressure points like the hips and shoulders, helping promote healthy spine alignment as you sleep. 
  • Medium: similarly to the softer tension, we recommend that side sleepers, lighter and average statures sleep on this support. Choosing between softer and medium tensions can simply come down to preference for lighter side sleepers.
  • Medium firm: alternatively, medium firm support is ideal for anyone who sleeps in a variety of sleeping positions (from side, back and front), or sleeps with a partner who has a different sleeping position preference to you (one prefers side whilst the other prefers back). We do not recommend opting for this tension if you’re of a heavier stature or prefer to sleep solely on your back or front, because it’s not firm enough to promote healthy spine alignment or support your body weight effectively.

Which? Best Buy

SleepSoul’s Space 2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress has been endorsed by the Which? Best Buy Award, signifying the level of quality, durability and support the mattress provides. Undergoing a variety of support and comfort tests on a range of different body types, a 10-year usage simulation and 30,000 pressure tests, it’s evident that any mattress endorsed by Which? is done so because it has demonstrated extremely high levels of quality.

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