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What sizes of wooden bed frames do we stock?

At Mattressman, our range of wooden beds is able to support mattresses of every standard UK size including small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm) and super king (180 x 200cm). Depending on the brand and design, the wooden bed frame will be slightly larger than these measurements due to headboards, foot ends and side panels. We also stock wooden bunk beds, perfect for children's bedrooms or guest rooms. Our range of wooden bunk beds come in either a natural or painted finish.

What types of wooden bed are there?

Natural wooden beds

Most of our wooden beds are available in natural wood, ensuring the greatest durability, longevity and high-quality materials. From oak bed frames to natural pine bed frames, we have several ottoman options that are available in rubberwood too. These wooden bed frames often showcase a homely feel with their natural traditional style, but many are available with coated finishes to give a fresh, more modern look.


All of our wooden beds that aren't constructed from natural wood are comprised of materials like particleboard or MDF. These make for more stylised versions of wooden beds that showcase contemporary looks that are very departed from the homely feel of our natural options. Find our painted or coated options of wooden beds here.

Sprung or solid slats?

What are solid or sprung slats? When you're browsing for a new wooden bed, you will be sure to come across these terms. Essentially, solid slats lay flat across the bed frame whereas sprung slats have a slight upward curve to their shape. This means that the solid slat provides firm support for your mattress, nicely accentuating a firmer support tension in a mattress or promoting a firmer feel in a softer mattress. On the flip side, sprung slats provide bouncier support for your mattress, accentuating a softer sleeping solution or supplying a little more bounce for a firmer mattress. Our wooden bed frames have a variation of these slat types, so you can be sure to find the option right for you.

What are the storage options available with a wooden bed frame?

We stock a variety of standard wooden bed frames and ottoman bed frames here at Mattressman, with varying degrees of storage space available. For a standard wooden bed, underneath the bed is fantastic for underbed drawers or boxes. For our ottoman wooden bed frames, you have ample underbed storage hidden away when you lift the mattress up using the gas piston hydraulic system.

What bedroom furniture goes best with wooden beds?

Oak and pine wood are extremely versatile materials that are easy to match with your existing furniture or find matching bedside tables. All our wooden beds come in an array of natural woods that vary in colour, tone and structure, so you can be sure that wooden, industrial-chic or metal bedroom furniture will match your new wooden bed.

What brands of wooden beds do we stock?

Because wooden bed frames are some of the most popular kinds of bed frame, it's not surprising that many of our most trusted brands produce their own designs. From Julian Bowen, Birlea, Limelight, Silentnight, Heartlands Furniture, Snuggle Beds, LPD Furniture, Core Products and GFW, we're positive that you'll find your dream sleeping solution from our ranges of solid wooden beds.