TV Beds

Imagine it. You’re coming back from a hard day at work, the kids are downstairs, squabbling as usual, and all you want to do it just relax. You head upstairs, kick off your shoes and hop into bed. Dimming the lights, and with one tap of a button, your own private television rises majestically from its secret retreat inside the foot end of your TV bed. Finally, peace at last!
This is the dream for hundreds of people looking for a relaxing hideaway to spend the evenings. Make the dream a reality with a brand new leather TV bed.
TV beds are fantastic in that they securely hold the latest HD TVs inside their robust foot ends, saving tons of space in the long-run and improving convenience with a one-touch reveal. There’s space for all your DVD players and games consoles too, as many TV beds feature secure side storage, hiding all the wires in their beautiful and functional bodies.
All our TV beds have televisions of the appropriate sizes, so that you’re never too close or too far away from the screen. Of course, each bed is fantastic in its own right – swooping curves or sharp edges; every design is catered for with top designer styles.

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