What is a sofa?

The term 'sofa' covers many bases varying from corner sofas to sofa beds and everything in between. A sofa is a cushioned piece of furniture that seats at least two. Sofas commonly feature in living rooms and are sometimes accompanied by armchairs. Depending on the size, sofas can vary from two-seaters to large furniture to accommodate the whole family. A sofa can feature many different materials, with the two most common variations being a fabric or leather sofa.

How do I find my perfect sofa?

Consider size

Consider whether your living room can accommodate your preferred option when buying a new sofa. The ideal sofa won't overpower the room stylistically or by its size.

Consider style

Different sizes of living rooms are likely to require different furniture. Similar is the case with style; evaluating your potential sofa concerning your living room's design and aesthetic is important. For example, leather sofas are perhaps better suited to contemporary spaces, whereas fabric sofas resemble an effortless style and suit living spaces that showcase a traditional or modern design. Detailed below are some of our most popular styles of sofas that our wide selection showcases.

Opulent style

Style is subjective, and one person's opinion of an opulent sofa could differ from another. However, we feature a range of sofas that feature classic buttoned detailing, curved chair legs and silver stud detailing, among other details showcasing our range of sofas as elegant.

Scallop effect

As the name suggests, a scalloped sofa features a back that replicates the appearance of a scallop. Scalloped sofas represent extravagant and glamorous furniture and can rejuvenate and charm many living spaces.

Velvet upholstery

Compared to a fabric sofa, velvet upholstery resembles a more elegant and glamorous aesthetic and ensures the sofa is destined to be the focal point of the room. In addition, velvet is incredibly soft and therefore offers optimal comfort.

What types of sofas do we feature?

Choose between a two or three-seat sofa

As mentioned earlier, the size of the designated room and your sofa requirements should go a long way to determining whether you purchase a two or three-seat sofa.

Reclining set

When you think of reclining sofa sets, luxurious relaxation comes to mind. By altering the incline of your seat, you can relax in blissful comfort and tailor your seat to your preferred position.

Corner sofas

Corner sofas are ideal if you're looking for furniture that can seat the entire family or be used as makeshift beds if required.

Why shop with us?

Our superb range of super comfy and affordable sofas ensures you can relax in style. Moreover, our stylish sofas qualify for free delivery and can be delivered as soon as the next working day if ordered before 4 pm.