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The Birlea range has everything you need for a beautifully furnished bedroom! Birlea’s gorgeous collection of fabric, metal, leather and wooden bed frames is full of modern and traditional styles that will suit any bedroom, and you can also get ottoman beds that come with plenty of extra storage space! Speaking of storage, Birlea make a fantastic range of bedside chests, wardrobes and drawer chests, with matching furniture across the range. Birlea also have a great choice of children’s beds, including high sleepers and bunk beds that your kids will love!
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Birlea Mattresses

If you’re shopping on a budget, a Birlea mattress is a great choice! Birlea apply their expertise to create a range of comfortable and affordable mattresses using some of the best technology on the market right now, such as pocket springs and memory foam, which mould to your body to support you in your natural sleeping position throughout the night. There are some brilliant options for the kids in here, too, with slimmer mattresses that would be perfectly suited to one of our bunk beds!

Birlea Leather Beds

For the perfect base for your mattress and a lovely addition to any bedroom, take a look at Birlea’s range of leather bed frames! Birlea have created a range of classic bed frames using faux leather, which looks just like the real thing at a fraction of the cost!

Birlea Metal Beds

For a showstopping metal bed frame, check out the range from Birlea! These beautiful bed frames come in a range of finishes, including chrome, nickel, brass, and painted, and with designs that echo Victorian tradition as well as more contemporary models, there’s sure to be a metal bed frame you’ll love in Birlea’s terrific range!

Birlea Wooden Beds

Birlea have a great range of wooden bed frames, and offer excellent value for money. With a series of simple designs in both natural and painted finishes, there’s a wooden frame in the Birlea range to suit every room!

Birlea Fabric Beds

There’s something for everyone in Birlea’s range of stylish fabric bed frames! Choose between simple and subtle panels or an impressive high headboard with button details! There are lots of neutral fabrics here that will suit a variety of different decor styles.

Birlea Stowaway Beds

Birlea certainly haven’t compromised on style with their stowaway beds! From ornate swirled metal to simple, attractive wooden slats, the designs of Birlea’s stowaway beds are all beautiful, and with the easily assembled trundle underneath, they really are ideal for sleepovers, spare rooms, and more!

Birlea Bunk Beds

The kids will love the Birlea bunk bed range! These beds are extremely practical, easy to assemble and with a larger bottom bunk. A range of colours mean that there’s a Birlea bunk bed for everyone!

Birlea Cabin Beds

Whether you want maximum space for storage or maximum space for playing, a Birlea cabin bed is an excellent choice! Cabin beds aren’t as high as bunks or high sleepers, but there’s still plenty of room underneath to put a drawer chest or cupboards. Some cabin beds even have these included!

Birlea High Sleepers

Fun for the kids and a great space-saver too! A high sleeper from Birlea is a great choice for any child’s room. There’s space for a desk, wardrobe, or sofa bed underneath — we even stock Birlea high sleepers that have some furniture included!

Birlea Sofa Beds

Birlea sofa beds look good and are practical too! Relax on a fashionable sofa during the day, then easily fold it out into a comfortable small double bed at night — a fantastic choice if you often have guests to stay and want to save some space!

Birlea Bedside Chests

Keep bedtime essentials close by with a Birlea bedside chest! With a range of different styles, there’s sure to be a bedside chest you’ll like here, and you’ll have plenty of space to store everything in handy drawers.

Birlea Wardrobes

These stylish wardrobes from Birlea are a great addition to any bedroom. Up to four doors mean there’s lots of room for storing all your clothes, and some Birlea wardrobes even have additional drawers for even more space!

Birlea Dressing Tables

With plenty of space to spread out everything you need to get ready, and lots of drawers to keep it all in, you can’t go wrong with a Birlea dressing table! These stylish dressing tables match with lots of other furniture in the Birlea range, so you can furnish your bedroom to perfectly suit you.

Birlea Drawer Chests

You’ll find both modern and traditional drawer chests in Birlea’s range, with something to suit every bedroom! Birlea drawer chests are very spacious, giving you plenty of room to organise all of your things. Tall but narrow drawer chests are a convenient way of saving room while still having storage space.

Birlea Ottoman Beds

Make the most of your space with a Birlea ottoman bed! A hydraulic lifting system makes raising the base of the ottoman easy, allowing you to store all your spare linen, towels, cushions and more in the space underneath!

Birlea Desks

Getting work done will be a little easier with a Birlea desk! These sturdy desks give you plenty of room to keep a computer, files, and more, while cupboards and drawers help you to keep everything organised and tidy.

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