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Relyon Classic Natural Superb Pocket Sprung Mattress

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There are many qualities that the Relyon Classic Natural Superb have that could make it the mattress right for you. It’s a one-sided, so you only need to regularly rotate it to prolong the longevity of the mattress. Relyon have made this mattress a very convenient one, as it arrives fully rolled and vacuum packed so the mattress is easy to place in your bedroom and navigate around your home. Please allow for up to 24 hours to let the mattress return to its original shape. Relyon also offer a 5 year guarantee with this mattress.

Pocket sprung

The Classic Natural Superb features 1200 pocket springs (for a king size mattress). Pocket spring systems are so popular because all of the springs move individually from each other, and this allows you to sleep soundly without disturbance from your partner. It also prevents roll together, and the springs have the ability to mould to the shapes and contours of your body, providing ultimate support. The Classic Superb has a medium rating on the firmness scale.
Classic Natural Superb

Natural fillings

This mattress offers an organic sleep, all thanks to an abundance of wool and silk inside. The top layer of natural silk fabric gives the mattress an extremely desirable soft feel without sacrificing the support of the mattress. As well as this, the wool acts as a natural insulator to ensure that you always feel warm and comfortable in bed. Hand-tufting on this mattress keeps the fillings closely together and prevents sagging, as it also adds tension to the spring system too.
Classic Natural Superb

About Relyon

Relyon are a brand with over a century’s worth of experience, and their success has really been demonstrated in what they produce. Awarded with the Manufacturing Guild Mark, it really proves that you can ‘rely on’ Relyon. Now, they employ almost 500 people in the UK and continue to put quality at the forefront of their work.
Classic Natural Superb

Medium mattresses: is it right for me?

Seen as medium mattresses are the happy midpoint between softer and medium-firm mattresses, it's fairly hard to tell who they are best designed for. People who like to sleep on both their back and sides would be supported well on a medium mattress, as it's neither too soft or firm to support these positions. Alongside this, if you're of a lighter/average weight group then you'll suit this tension, as the mattress will not lose its form or shape as a result of being over-strained.

How can I trust that my medium mattress is a good quality?

Without using the mattress for years, you can't tell what kind of quality the mattress is. Reading reviews and trying out the mattress first hand is a good way to get a feel for the mattress, alongside looking for a guarantee that the manufacturer offer. Relyon offer a 5 year guarantee with this mattress, meaning it's certainly built to withstand the test of time. 

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  • Medium Specification
  • 1200 Pocket Springs Specification
  • Silk Specification
  • Wool Specification
  • Mattress Depth Specification
  • Hand Tufted Specification
Medium is the level of support to the body, suitable for all average weighted people. This is not a comfort rating.
1200 Pocket Springs With each individual spring encapsulated in fabric, they move independently for a body moulding, no roll together and quiet night's sleep.
Silk Soft, light and the perfect addition to an opulent mattress, silk is the ultimate top layer to any mattress.
Wool Providing natural warmth and comfort, wool is the the best natural mattress insulator going.
Mattress Depth 25 cm
Hand Tufted buttons evenly over the sleeping surface, keeping the fillings together and adding a tension to the springs.

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