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Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Plus Latex Core Mattress

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Dunlopillo's Royal Sovereign Plus is the next mattress on the market which has made use of body-moulding, anti-bacterial latex. Using a mattress comprised of latex is great for those who a conscious of the surface that they sleep on. Like memory foam, latex is noise-free, pressure-relieving and maintenance-free, making it one of the most hassle-free mattresses. Not only this, but Dunlopillo ensure you will be able to engage in more restful REM sleep whilst sleeping on the Royal Sovereign, helped by the 7 comfort zones that have been incorporated inside. The mattress has a medium tension, which is best designed for light statures and side sleepers.

The power of latex

For those who are conscious of the fillings in their mattress, you'll certainly love what the Royal Sovereign Plus is comprised of. Sourced from sustainably managed plantations from across the globe, Dunlopillo pride themselves on the quality of their productions. Including a 160mm layer of body-moulding latex, it mirrors the responsive qualities that re typically seen in memory foam. On top of this, the latex is very breathable which helps keep the mattress fresh. Also helping the mattress keep fresh is the Actipro Technology, a probiotic solution which will help to fight against bacteria, allergens and odours. Overall, this makes the mattress anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-allergy.
Royal Sovereign Plus

Innovative Cooling Technology cover

On top of the advanced materials Dunlopillo use, they have also used Innovative Cooling Technology in the soft knitted cover too. The fabric has the ability to wick away hot air and excess moisture, making the mattress temperature-regulating all night long. The natural breathability of the mattress then helps vent out any excess hot air and moisture.

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  • Medium Specification
  • Latex Core Specification
  • Latex Specification
  • Mattress Depth Specification
  • Knitted Cover Specification
  • Micro Quilted Specification
Medium is the level of support to the body, suitable for all average weighted people. This is not a comfort rating.
Latex Core Providing a bouncy yet supportive sleeping surface, latex core mattresses are great for hot sleepers and hayfever sufferers.
Latex With body moulding properties similar to memory foam, natural latex is eco friendly and provides a cooler, more breathable night's sleep.
Mattress Depth 21 cm
Knitted Cover that stretches with the moulding of the mattress, having great elasticity and breathing qualities.
Micro Quilted A finish to the mattress created by stitching together the fabric and fillings, creating a patterned comfort quilt layer.

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