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What shape tables can you get from us?

Here at Gardenman, we offer a variety of table shapes. That means that we have the outdoor sofa set for you irrespective of the size of your patio or even if you want to match a design theme you've already started. Here are the shapes we have on offer right now. 

Rectangular Tables 

The quintessential rectangular table. You cannot go wrong with this one. Our rectangular table rattan sofa sets will live up to any occasion, whether you want to dine outside or relax and use your garden furniture casually. Of course, we have sofa sets, but we also have a wide assortment of tables, including coffee, dining, in-built fire pits, ice buckets, and much more. Rectangular table rattan sofa sets are very popular since they are robust and hard-wearing rattan. 

Oval Tables 

An oval table rattan sofa set could be the way to go for those searching for an outdoor furniture set that is comfortable and sturdy. Oval-shaped tables are great, especially if you'll have many people gathered around the table regularly. Your new set will last for years because it is made of one of the most durable materials. Take a browse through our extensive collection to select a set that will complement both your outdoor environment and your taste. 

Square Tables 

Rattan is one of the most robust and long-lasting materials used in the garden furniture business, so it is a low-maintenance option. Our square table rattan sofa sets come in a wide range of styles, from casual to formal, and have expensive features like rising tables and built-in fire pits. As a result of our wide range of styles and sizes, you'll be able to choose the square table rattan sofa set that best suits your garden's size and aesthetic. 

Round Table

The round table rattan sofa sets will not disappoint, with a wide range of styles, forms, and sizes that suit your aesthetic and outdoor space. We have round table rattan sofa sets that can work for various events, whether you want to seat your family or entertain a group of friends. Furthermore, outdoor rattan furniture is one of the most durable on the market, ensuring that your new round table rattan sofa set will last many years. 

What special features of an outdoor sofa do we offer? 

Our collection of outdoor sofa sets here at Gardenman is not just sofas and tables. They are made from the best materials with functionality unrivaled in the industry. Here are some of the features you'll find on our outdoor garden set. 

With High Back

At Gardenman, you can select your ideal sofa set with high backs for maximum relaxation. Our collection of high back couches offers opulent style, a wide range of sizes, and sitting options. Whether you're looking for a modern aluminum-framed sofa set with a high back or a traditional rustic rattan set, you'll find it in our collection that will match your aesthetic style and still give you the functionality and comfort you seek. 

With Rising Table

Sofa sets with rising tables are some of the most adaptable furniture pieces you may have in your outdoor environment. Our collection comes in various sizes, shapes, and materials, so you will find something that matches your style. Furthermore, with the swish function provided by the tables, our sofa sets with rising tables enable you to move from casual relaxation to formal eating. Our swish function is tested repeatedly so your rising table remains a rising table, not a risen or fallen table. 

With Drinks Table 

Summer evenings, lying back with a drink and relaxing, are made even better with a Gardenman sofa set with a drinks table. With a variety of couch sizes, armchair numbers, sizes, and designs to choose from, you'll be able to pick a set that fits your garden's space and style. Our brands feature various ranges, all bringing something unique to the table. For example, some of our drinks tables include swanky features like built-in ice buckets so your drinks remain cold, extending tables, so your guests are not left out, and numerous storage possibilities. 

With Dining Table

Isn't it true that we all yearn for outside dining in the summer heat? Our couch sets with dining tables may be what you need. With a wide number of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles to choose from. While the dining table allows casual and formal meals and dinners, the sofas are ideal for resting in the summer heat. Take some time to browse through our selection of sofa sets with dining tables to find the ideal setting. 

With Firepit Table

Gardenman's sofa sets with fire pit tables are ideal for individuals who enjoy a barbeque or want to make the most of their garden. There's a set for informal and formal eating circumstances since they come in various sizes, styles, and occasions. You may pick from various materials like rattan or outdoor fabric, all of which have been specially built to withstand the weather. 

Does our outdoor sofa set only come with a fixed number of seats?

Short answer: No. We like to be a people pleaser, so here at Gardenman, we have several chairs per set. 

4 seats 

Our assortment of 4-seater rattan couch sets is guaranteed to have a set that fits your garden space and style aesthetic. They are especially perfect for patios or smaller garden spaces. Our 4-seater rattan sofa sets are durable rattan and are extremely easy to clean. 

5 seats

Are you looking for a relaxing garden set that can sit up to 5 people? Out 5-seater rattan sofa set collection comes in several styles, allowing you to find something that matches your aesthetic. All of our 5-seater rattan couch sets are made of extremely durable and low-maintenance rattan material, making them one of the most popular types of outdoor garden furniture. 

6 seats

We have a variety of 6-seater rattan couch sets will offer something to suit your needs, whether you're looking for a casual lounge set in the summer heat or formal dining on warm evenings. With this collection's durable synthetic rattan construction, you can count on this low-maintenance and long-lasting material to give you a long-lasting garden furniture set. Look through our selection of 6-seater rattan sofa sets to find the perfect setting for your outdoor environment. 

7 seats

Our 7-seater rattan sofa sets come in various styles, sizes, color schemes, and other features. This means you'll be able to find a garden furniture set that complements your garden's shape and style. The synthetic rattan used in all 7-seater rattan couch sets is low maintenance and long-lasting, making it ideal for individuals who don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning their garden furniture. Today, browse our collection to locate the right pair for your yard. 

What brands do we stock? 

Picking an outdoor sofa set can be daunting. You have to consider the size of your space and what fits into your design or esthetic theme, not to mention the numerous options for the number of chairs, table shape, and many others available for you. We understand this and want to help you as much as possible. We, therefore, work with brands that are sure to give you the very best in terms of style and quality. Our collection includes sofa sets from yours truly, Gardenman, Maze, Leisure Grow, Hartman, Nova, and Signature Weave. All are trusted and tested brands. 

Why shop with Gardenman?

We pride ourselves on providing nothing short of the best. We have the largest outdoor furniture showroom in Suffolk, so get to experience it before buying it. If you are more of an online person, our website provides great pictures and detailed explanations to make the best decision. We also provide free next-day delivery, so there's no waiting around for your outdoor sofa.