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What is a pergola?

Found in outside spaces, a pergola structure is designed to provide shade in your garden. A traditional wooden pergola is comprised of vertical pillars that support stationary cross-beams, which is often where climbing plants and vines are trained to weave around. We stock more modern metal freestanding pergolas at Mattressman, which offers the same structure and function as wooden pergolas. This being said, our metal pergolas are constructed with adjustable tilting louvres, so you can decide whether you want to opt for full coverage and shade or let in direct sunlight. Like a gazebo designed to remain in your garden all year round, a pergola is a perfect option for a sun trap garden.

What types of pergola do we stock?


A freestanding pergola doesn't use any building structures for support and holds its complete weight using 4 vertical pillars. Perfect for larger gardens that are looking for a shaded spot on a patio or grass area, a freestanding pergola provides the structure to do this.


Our other type of pergola is a wall-mounted option, comprised of two vertical pillars and the structure being attached and secured to a building. Great for smaller gardens that need a shaded spot outside the back door, this pergola will also work attached to out-buildings or pavilions to create an isolated space near a pool or other area of the garden.

Benefits of pergolas

Brings shade to your outdoor space

Do you have little shade in your garden? Are you fed up with the harsh glare of the sun when you're trying to sit back and relax? A pergola is a fantastic way to combat this issue, and you can decide how much light is let in due to the tilting louvres. What's more, some options from trusted brands Nova Outdoor Living and Maze have included Texteline drop sides in some of their designs, allowing you to shade yourself from the sides when the sun gets low in the sky.

Drainage systems

Most of our pergolas are engineered to have a smart integrated drainage system, the shelter allowing you to enjoy your garden even when it's raining, or the light and sunshine after rainfall. The tilting louvres, when shut, are designed in a way that water follows channels within the pergola framework and drain down to the ground in the legs. You won't have to worry about draining water off the pergola after rainfall as the manufacturers have ensured water drips are prevented when the canopy is opened in their designs.

Great for climbing plants

Whilst wooden pergolas are not at the forefront of our ranges here at Mattressman, these options are brilliant for climbing plants. If you like to see lots of greenery in your garden, a wooden pergola with climbing plants will truly become the focal point of your outdoor space.

Different sizes and styles

Here at Mattressman, we offer a range of different styles and sizes so you can be sure to find the option that works for your outdoor space and style aesthetic. Including square and rectangular shapes, the sizes range from 3m x 3m to our largest of 6m x 3m. What's more, you can choose between black or white colour schemes too.

Why is a metal pergola better than a wooden pergola?

Whilst timber wood pergolas are fantastic at accentuating the natural aesthetic in a garden, blending with trees and bushes, a metal pergola is constructed with highly durable materials. Either from steel or powder-coated and pressure treated aluminium, a metal pergola is 100% weather, water and frost resistant. You can rely on these

What brands showcase garden pergolas?

The pergolas we showcase at Mattressman are designed and engineered to the highest standards, to provide you with the perfect spot to relax in your gardens. Nova Outdoor Living and Maze are some of our most trusted brands, so it's no wonder they produce pergolas that will transform your outside space and how you enjoy your garden. Browse their stunning options to bring that elegant touch to your outside space or patio.

Why shop at Mattressman?

If you're looking for a pergola, shopping with Mattressman will make your purchase a simple process. Firstly, our pergola collection is comprised of options that offer a brilliant price and pieces that work for many kinds of budget. You can purchase without having to create an account, and you can rely on our speedy delivery service for in-stock items. If you order an in-stock pergola before 4pm, you can receive it as quick as the next working day.