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Why use outdoor furniture covers?

Increased protection

A garden furniture set is an investment, so it makes sense that you will want to protect it from weather conditions and elements such as storms, heavy rain and strong wind. This is especially so through the colder winter months when you're less likely to use your garden furniture, however, you can use covers in the summer too to protect your outdoor furniture from the sun. Whilst tempered glass tables can withstand the heat, they are more prone to shattering after prolonged exposure to the sun. There's a reason to use patio furniture covers all year round when it comes to protection.

Enhanced longevity and durability

Due to the above reason, a garden furniture cover ensures your garden furniture's quality is maintained for a longer period of time. Enjoy the same garden furniture set for many years to come and rely on a cover to maintain its durability.

Benefits of an outdoor furniture cover


Keeping your garden furniture set protected from rain, frost, windy days and almost all weather conditions is of paramount importance. The materials most of our covers utilise a polyester material combined with a shower and frost resistant PVC coating, so you can rest easy knowing your set is covered. What's more, the material is also UV and fade resistant too.

Keeps your set clean

The colder months can often mean that there's more debris that your garden furniture set is exposed to. Whether that's dirt, pollution, sap or even bird droppings, using a cover will ensure that your set remains clean when it's covered.

What sizes of garden furniture covers do we stock?

At Mattressman, we stock a great range of outdoor furniture covers. With patio furniture covers for almost every option of patio furniture we stock, you can be sure to find the matching cover that will work correctly for you. Our covers fit dining sets, corner sofas, chairs, sun loungers, daybeds, sofas, tables and more, simply click on the cover to discover the details and specifications.

Should I store my garden furniture cushions under the cover?

You should not store your cushions under garden furniture covers due to the condensation that can build up whilst they are sealed. This build-up of moisture can cause mould or mildew to form on your outdoor cushions, which is far from ideal. Instead, we recommend that you place the cushions where the storage is dry, such as in a shed or garage. Here, they will receive suitable protection and maintain the lifespan of your garden furniture set.

If you have an outdoor fabric furniture set, keeping it under a cover all winter long can cause the same problem. For this, we recommend that you either store the set in a dry setting over the months when you aren't using it, or you leave the garden furniture covers slightly open in a corner. This allows for greater airflow and less chance of mould or mildew forming. With this, we suggest regularly airing it out on a mild day to ensure the quality of the set is maintained and protected.

Why purchase outdoor furniture covers with Mattressman?

When you shop with Mattressman, you can rely on a simple and stress-free purchase. You can enjoy your purchase as soon as the next working day if the item is in stock and ordered before 4pm, thanks to our speedy delivery service. You don't need to make an account with us, simply browse our ranges, add your items of choice to the basket and go to the checkout.