Double Metal Beds

Metal beds are a practical and elegant choice for your room, with modern and traditional styles available, and a scope of finishes from glossy brass to polished chrome. With prices spanning from economical to luxury, there is a metal bedstead to suit every preference and budget.

Clean lines and bars are ideal for a traditional and conservative look. Opting for swirls and elaborate patterns can bring a more aesthetically pleasing and traditional look to the bed, with many frames featuring designs inspired by Victorian and antique beds.

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Selecting a bedstead can be easy and effortless, once you pick a theme or style, based on your room's decor. Our traditional styles really bring grandeur to the bedroom, with their magnificent verticals and striking curves. For those looking for something a bit more modest, accentuated horizontal lines give the impression of a lower height, and so are ideal for a more modern, understated look.

When buying a metal bedstead, keep an eye on the height of it — a low-rise frame is ideal for a minimalistic look, giving the illusion of more space, whereas a bed with more room underneath will be better able to store goods underneath.

Arriving flat-pack, with easy assembly instructions, ordering your new bed couldn't be easier. Simply pick the date you want it to arrive while placing your order, and your brand new bed will be with you as soon as you need it!

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