Small Single Mattresses

Looking for a small single mattress? With some of our most popular brands and models available in this size, we ensure that whatever the size, you can get the right mattress for you and your kids.

Perfect for children and toddlers, these mattresses provide an appropriately sized bed that allows you to save money, and optimise space in the bedroom — all the more room for playing!

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There are loads of uses for small single beds. Due to their convenient size, two can be used to create twin beds, saving space and allowing more versatility with placement. Their space and cost efficiency also makes them great for guests and as backup beds — perfect for last minute sleepovers!

We stock a range of different materials, so you can pick something that your kids will love. If your children have sensitivities or allergies, this is no problem, as we have plenty of gentle, anti-allergy mattresses, as well as organic, natural, latex, and memory foam mattresses.

A perfect fit for our small single bed frames and kids' beds, including the fun Kidsaw range — why not save hassle and buy a bed frame and mattress together?

Small single mattresses are narrower than a standard single, at 2' 6" wide by 6' 3" long. (76cm x 190cm)

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