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Kidsaw’s terrific range of children’s bedroom furniture promises loads of fun for your little ones! Transform your child’s room instantly into a princess palace, a race track and more with a Kidsaw children’s bed, let them wear themselves out playing with toys from their Kidsaw toybox, and then make sure they sleep soundly on a Kidsaw mattress! There are also cot mattresses if your child isn’t quite big enough for a proper bed yet! What’s more, Kidsaw’s range of furniture is really simple to assemble, with no glue or fixings needed!
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Kidsaw Childrens Beds

Capture your child’s imagination with a children’s bed from Kidsaw! These beds are extra easy to assemble, with the pieces simply but securely slotting together to create a fun bed that your kids will love!

Kidsaw Bedside Chests

Your children can keep bedtime stories, night lights and more close by with Kidsaw bedside chests! These bedside chests slot together without any need for glue or fixings, and the exciting, colourful designs are sure to be a hit!

Kidsaw Wardrobes

Get a wardrobe that will last your little one until they’re not so little! Kidsaw’s wardrobes are sturdily built and very spacious, with simple designs that will suit any child’s bedroom. Kidsaw wardrobes are easy to assemble at home.

Kidsaw Dressing Tables

Your child’s imagination will come alive with these themed dressing tables from Kidsaw! These bright, colourful designs look fantastic, and come in Kidsaw’s trademark simple designs that can be easily put together without the need for glue or fixings.

Kidsaw Drawer Chests

Keep favourite toys safe and organised with a bright drawer chest from Kidsaw! A clever bin design makes it easy for children to use these chests, and the slot design makes them easy to assemble!

Kidsaw Armchairs

Kidsaw’s collection of children’s armchairs, rocking chairs and plush seats are the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom. Kidsaw armchairs are perfect for curling up in with a book or just having some quiet time, and your kids will love the bright colours and fun patterns!

Kidsaw Bedroom Sets

Save time and effort when fitting out your child’s room with a bedroom set from Kidsaw! Kids will adore these fun, themed bed frames, toy boxes and bedside chests, and with the simple slot design you can assemble them in no time!

Kidsaw Cot Mattresses

The nights will be a little more peaceful with a Kidsaw cot mattress! You can buy both foam and spring interior cot mattresses from Kidsaw, designed to fit into standard cots and easy to keep clean!

Kidsaw Desks

These brightly coloured desks from Kidsaw are a great addition to your child’s room, whether they need somewhere to do their homework or a place to draw masterpieces that will hang on the fridge for years to come! Like other Kidsaw furniture, the slotted design makes them easy to assemble.

Kidsaw Toy Boxes

No more tripping over stray toys with a toy box from Kidsaw! There’s plenty of room to keep all your child’s favourite toys, and the fun theme means it will look great in their bedroom, too! You can easily slot these toy boxes together without any glue or fixings.

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