Snuggle Beds

Known for their affordable prices and varied range, Snuggle Beds have a mattress for every preference and budget. If you want to buy a mattress but aren't sure what you're looking for, or want to browse a range of types, then here is a good place to start.

With a popular range of economy mattresses, buying a mattress doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Ideal for kids' beds and guest rooms, these mattresses provide adequate support, comfort, and quality, at a price that makes for a stress-free buy. Of course, Snuggle also have a place in the higher end of the market, with a selection of luxury memory foam, firm, and orthopaedic mattresses.

For those who find memory foam too hot, Snuggle have developed CharCOOL technology, using bamboo charcoal to give a cooler and more sound night's sleep. With memory foam mattresses in both budget and luxury varieties, Snuggle make use of materials such as reflex foam, for providing structural support for the body, and pocket springs, for promoting good sleeping posture and pressure relief underneath the pressure moulding material.

With a range of tensions, from medium soft to extra firm, the correct tension can be chosen for your weight — for those of a larger build, a firmer mattress can provide better support.

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