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What sizes of JAY-BE do we stock?

With JAY-BE's focus mainly on producing mattresses for children and adults, it's no surprise that they manufacture almost every standard size of mattress: small single (75 x 190cm), single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), and king size mattresses (150 x 200cm).

Benchmark range

JAY-BE has set out to produce a range of mattresses that utilise super-supportive springs, environmentally-friendly initiatives and convenient delivery. The key features across the Benchmark range are the E-Spring core and E-Fibre fillings, both of which require much less water, energy, harmful chemicals and land space in order to produce. What's more, JAY-BE's E-Fibre's are award-winning and are made from recycled plastic bottles, making these mattresses a truly eco-choice. Using E-Fibre's replaces the need for any memory foam or foam layers, reducing the presence of harmful chemicals even further. Every JAY-BE Benchmark mattress is vacuum-packed for delivery, making the process incredibly simple and easy. JAY-BE's Benchmark collection features medium, medium firm and firmer support tensions.

CoreKids range

Embodying many similar qualities to the Benchmark range, JAY-BE has ensured that their CoreKids collection is suitable for kids and gives them the good night's sleep they need. Pocket sprung and free from memory foam, CoreKids mattresses are pressure relieving and provide the ultimate support needed to aid children's growth and development.

Other mattresses

Alongside these fantastic collections, JAY-BE also produces a toddler mattress range and the Quest collection, another children's range. Like the Benchmark and CoreKids, these mattresses are manufactured with sustainability and practical features in mind, such as waterproof properties and vacuum-packed delivery.

Folding bed collection

Do you have guests round to stay often? JAY-BE's collection of folding guest beds can be right up your alley, providing you with a simple solution for your guests to stay. The swish functions to fold away and wheel off are perfect for the ultra-convenience aspect in guest beds. What's more, the comfort provided with each folding bed is unparalleled, utilising a mattress that is unheard of across folding guest beds.

Sofa beds range

Lastly, JAY-BE has created sofa beds for an alternative place to have your guests stay over. Multi-functional, you can chill out on the sofa by day and have your friends and family stay on it by night. Their luxurious sofa beds really do go above and beyond to bring quality furnishings to your home.