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What's different with a Grillstream barbecue?

Grillstream has created a range of outdoor hybrid system barbecues that offer the traditional charcoal bbq taste but with fewer flare-ups. The simple science behind Grillstream hybrid systems is the design that has incorporated a collection tray that catches the fats and juices when cooking meat. Not only does this ensure you're eliminating problematic flare-ups whilst cooking, but the Grillstream technology allows you to cook just amazingly tasty food.

What do Grillstream barbecues incorporate into their products?

Gas burners and charcoal new hybrid system

A Grillstream barbecue ensures more flavour when you're cooking because of the double grills system. The Grillstream Hybrid system allows you to choose to cook on gas, charcoal or both, so you can achieve the standard of cooking you want according to speed or flavour.

Fat cup

When cooking using the grill, streams of fat will flow to the fat cup, and this streamlined way of outdoor cooking is how Grillstream barbecues got their name. With many barbecues, you can find that fat drips from cooking meat often causing flare-ups when it goes onto open flames, which can burn your food. Catching the excess fats when you're cooking ensures less fat in your food, making for a tastier meal when dining alfresco. This really is the ideal BBQ for simple outdoor cooking, as you can easily remove the collection tray to dispose of the fat caught whilst using the cooking system.

Manoeuvrable trolleys

Most of the Grillstream BBQs we stock are stationed on a unit with lockable wheels, so you can manoeuvre the grill system wherever you wish in your garden. Is the wind affecting the way your food is cooking? Simply move the burners and you're ready to get a move even cooking experience. We also stock a stationary Grillsteam cooking system.

Grill lifters

When you want to cook on charcoal simply lift up the grills with the tools provided called grill lifters. This is for when you want to maximise the traditional charcoal BBQ taste, all you need to do is use lifters, add the charcoal and use the gas burners to light and be BBQ ready. The grill lifters are designed to be used to help you remove charcoal too.

Extra functions

Many of the barbecues we stock include a top grill or a second layer to place cooked food when it's done. This Grillstream technology allows you to simply lift the food here to keep warm whilst you wait for your other food to cook as it grills.
Grillsteam barbecues often include side shelves so you have room to place and prepare your food, and some of our options even include a side burner too. This means you can cook other elements of your meal that may not necessarily need to be grilled.