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Divans are the most popular form of bed in the UK, and it’s easy to see why with the attributes that it offers. Firstly, these beds do not need to be assembled. This is because divans are comprised of two halves, which makes them both lightweight and easy to maneuver. Especially suitable for smaller homes that may struggle to move a new bed into a home, a divan can be done swiftly in two halves. Once in the desired place, you can simply clip them together. If you want to move the bed around the room once clipped together, it can be done easily if the model has wheels. Most of the divan bases we offer are customisable, so you can choose whether to have storage and/or a headboard. You can get up to four drawers or include ottoman storage, which really allows you to utilise space in your bedroom. In our divan base only range, we work with quality brands such as the British Bed Company, Snuggle Beds and Airsprung. Take a look through what we offer and find your perfect divan for the bedroom today.