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Shire Beds

Shire Beds are a family-run mattress manufacturer from Yorkshire. With a straightforward attitude towards their mattresses, Shire combine bed-making methods that have stood the test of time with the very best modern developments such as pocket springs and latex that make your night’s sleep all the more comfortable. Shire offer a mattress for any home, catering to a wide range of budgets and lifestyles with the view that a well-made, comfortable bed shouldn’t have to be an indulgence. Whatever you need, whether you’re looking for a cure for back pain or a bed that you can simply sink into, Shire’s got a mattress for you.
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Shire Beds Mattresses

Yorkshire-based and proud of it, Shire Beds take inspiration from good old-fashioned northern values when designing and building their beautiful mattresses! Their principles are simple: Shire Beds believe that if something’s worth doing it’s worth doing well, and that you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for a high-quality mattress. That’s why the Shire Beds range has a comfortable, supportive, and expertly-built mattress to suit every budget. Browse pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam, latex and more here on the Mattressman website.

Shire Beds Divan Beds

Just like their mattresses, Shire Beds divan bases are well-designed and well-made, intended to bring you a great night’s sleep without the cost! Choose between a platform top or an extra supportive sprung edge, and add some drawers to store away linen, pillows and more!

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