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LPD Furniture

For metal, wood, leather, upholstered, ottoman & storage beds, LDP have a diverse and mixed range of bed frames, in various styles and sizes.

Simple metal or wood bedsteads are a good budget option, with many double sizes under £100.

As the price increase gradually, the styles get more elaborate and higher quality -so if you are looking for something to fit your room's decor, or add a touch of style, then it's easy to get something to suit your budget.

Sprung slats are most common among LPD beds. These slats are curved upwards gently, to provide cushioning for the mattress, and extra comfort. Solid slats are used in some wooden beds, as these heavy duty, chunky slats are more durable and hard-wearing. Check the description to see which slat type your chosen bed has.

Modern styles are very common, with low foot ends and high headboards giving a spacious look. A low-rise bedstead can help to give the illusion of more light, and some of these low-rise beds will have storage in the base so you don't have to compromise on convenience.

An amazing innovation from LPD is the Bed in a Box. This clever item can be taken apart, and all the components fit into the headboard, at a weight under 30kg! Perfect for easy transportation, it means that getting your bed into the room where it can be assembled can be done quickly and easily.

Highly stylish, and with a real variety of beds, LDP are well worth checking out.