The Art of Sharing a Bed

The Art of Sharing a Bed

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but we’re continuing our Month of Love here at Mattressman for the whole of February, with an ongoing bed frame and mattress sale where you’re sure to find a mattress you adore! To make it extra-special, we’ve also commissioned the British Bed Company to make The Love Bed, a pocket sprung mattress topped with a sumptuous layer of memory foam. It’s designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and support, but you’ll especially love it if you’re part of a couple.

We think one of the most important and frequently overlooked factors that makes a great relationship is a good night’s sleep for both people. Not only can sleeping badly make you miserable, but you’re likely to be even more unhappy if the reason you couldn’t drift off last night was because your partner was snoring, or if you were rudely woken by their 2am trip to the bathroom. No matter how much you love each other, the logistics of bed sharing can be tricky to navigate.

So, what are the issues you may run into and how can you resolve them?

Investing in a pocket sprung mattress, such as The Love Bed, is one of the best things you can do to improve the night’s sleep for both of you. Because each spring moves independently, responding only to direct pressure, you and your partner are free to move around as much as you want without worrying about disturbing each other. Pocket springs are also more comfortable and supportive than traditional open coil systems, as the springs mould to your body, supporting you in your natural sleeping position.

Size matters! Couples who share even a king size mattress are getting half a foot less space than they would if each person slept on a single mattress. Meanwhile, those who sleep on double mattresses, the most commonly purchased size in the UK, are getting a whole nine inches less space. That doesn’t mean the only possible courses of action are to buy a super king size mattress or resign yourself to a lifetime of pillow lines up the middle of the bed, but you should buy a mattress big enough that you can lie side by side on your backs, hands behind your heads, without your elbows touching or going beyond the edge of the mattress. This should allow you enough space to spread out during the night without accidentally kicking each other.

There are other things you need to be sure of before you buy a mattress to share, so you should never buy a mattress that you haven’t both tried at the same time and agreed is comfortable for both of you. A mattress that feels just right for you may feel too soft or too firm for your partner. If mattress firmness is something you really can’t agree on then a zip-and-link mattress might just save the day. Companies such as the British Bed Company are able to offer mattresses with two different tensions that split into two single beds. A zip-and-link mattress will also eliminate the roll-together effect no matter what spring system you choose, as the mattresses are completely separate from each other.

Speaking of single beds, if you’re really struggling to drift off, recent studies have shown that plenty of couples are choosing to sleep separately. Far from being a sign of trouble, many report that their relationship is stronger than ever now that they no longer resent each other for disturbed sleep.

Of course, not all disruptions to harmonious side-by-side sleeping relate to your mattress. Snoring is a common complaint that can often be resolved relatively easily with earplugs or over-the-counter remedies, although with more severe snoring it is wise to visit your doctor, as it can indicate underlying health issues. If you prefer a different temperature to your partner, investing in separate bedding may help. This will also resolve the issue of cover hogging!

So disturbed sleep needn’t cause relationship troubles. Just a few simple steps can take you from exhausted and irritable one night to loved-up the next!

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