Teenager “Snores Outdoors for a Better World”!

Teenager “Snores Outdoors for a Better World”!

It’s Monday once again, and once again we’re here with a bit of uplifting news to brighten your day! This week, a year-long journey comes to an end for a remarkable Minnesota teenager, who has spent the last 365 nights sleeping outdoors in a bid to raise awareness about homelessness and encourage people to donate to charity.

When Rudy Hummel started sleeping outside last June, he initially intended to do so only throughout the summer, but having achieved this goal he wanted to continue. During the cold winter months, he built a Quinzhee (snow house) and wrapped himself in three sleeping bags and a duvet to keep out the chill. Amazingly, he got through the snowy season without needing to act on a promise he made to his mum to go inside if he started shivering. He has also spent time sleeping on a tree platform, a campground, and recently even a balcony in Chicago!

Rudy outside his Quinzhee

His quest comes to an end this Friday, when he’s inviting people all around the world to sleep outdoors on his final night before heading back inside.

To learn more about Rudy’s campaign and the charities he’s raising money for (Habitat for Humanity and Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory), visit his site, Snore Outdoors!

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