Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs, once nearly extinct, they have been on the rise around the world in the last few decades.
Bed bugs thrive on human blood, live in any environment where people live – clean, dirty, and otherwise, as long as there is blood, the bugs aren’t fussed. Bed bugs can cause Asthma attacks, allergies, and even anaphylaxis, and their bites are red and itchy, though they do not carry any infectious disease.

Up-close photo of bed bugs on a mattress edge
Barely bigger than an apple pip, bed bugs can be found all around the home – not just the bed.
Know What To Expect

If there is no sign of the bed bugs themselves, it can be tricky detecting them. Keep an eye out for these sure-fire giveaways….


  • Small red, or brown spots on the sheets, mattress, or around the bed
  • Itchy red spots on the skin, that were not there before bed.
  • Any blood stains on bedding
  • A musty odour detectable around the bedding


Know Where To Find Them

If you suspect you have bed bugs, the first thing to do is get out the magnifying glass and have a good old fashioned bug-hunt.
Bed bugs are small and flat in shape – around the size of an apple pip. They tend to seek out warm places, that are habituated frequently by people so they can get their supply of food. Get looking!

Remove the mattress from the frame, and check all tufts, seams, and folds in the fabric where the bugs can be hiding. Check along the frame, in all nooks and crannies. Bed Bugs prefer wooden and fabric beds to metal or plastic, so check these ones even more meticulously. Remember to check the underside of all surfaces too, as well as the headboard and foot end. Sheets and pillows should be checked for any dark spots of blood, and can be washed at a high temperature.

Drawers are a favourite of bed bugs. Remove drawers and check all surfaces for any signs of dark spots, eggs, or bugs.
Sofas, chairs, and furnishings can all hide bed bugs, so these should all be inspected. Carpets and Curtains can also
Wall Fixtures
Pictures, light fittings, nooks and crannies … bed bugs just love walls. A host of hiding places, a source of heat and often overlooked by bedbug hunters – walls are the bed bugs heaven. Look low and high for signs of bugs, paying attention to the skirting board.

The Unexpected
Bed bugs can sometimes take refuge in less conventional places, such as laptops, on pipes, and around electrics  The warmth from these items attracts the crazy little mites.

Know How To Get Rid Of Them

So whether you need to rid the beasts or just want to keep your home bug-free, make sure you check out the following tips to prevent, and defend from infestations.
  • A good mattress protector is essential from preventing the bed bugs entering the mattress, where they can be harder to reach.
  • Wash all bedding on a high setting – the hot temperature rids the bugs and the eggs too.
  • Vacuum furniture, carpets, and upholstery to rid bugs and eggs.
  • Steam clean all places which can be. Curtains, carpets, beds, and furniture can all benefit from steam cleaning, with the same effects of a good wash – ridding both bugs and eggs.
  • There are a range of bedbug eliminators on the market, including traps, sprays and powders.


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