On Pancake Day, Flip Your Mattress Too!

On Pancake Day, Flip Your Mattress Too!

Today is Shrove Tuesday, widely known as Pancake Day, so it’s time to break out the eggs, milk and butter and see if your pancake-tossing skills have improved since last year!

But satisfying though it might be to successfully flip a pancake, did you know about the benefits you can get from flipping your mattress?

The care instructions for most mattresses recommend seasonal flipping and/or rotation, but surprisingly, many people don’t do it. This means that the springs and fillings are not evenly compressed, resulting in the mattress dipping where you sleep and wearing out more quickly. If you flip and rotate your mattress, the fillings and springs wear evenly, and you’ll dramatically increase its lifespan.

Some mattresses do not require flipping; these are “one-sided” mattresses such as pillow tops, most memory foam mattresses, and many pocket sprung mattresses. This makes them more manageable, although you should still rotate the mattress end to end to ensure the even wearing of the fillings.

Flipping a mattress with two sleep sides is slightly more difficult, as every other season you will need to both flip and rotate it at the same time to ensure that the mattress is wearing as evenly as possible. This is a task that requires two people to carry out safely. To flip and rotate the mattress:

1) Pull the mattress away from the headboard and turn it 90° so that it is lying lengthways across the foot of the bed.

2) With one person standing at the head and one at the foot of the mattress, lift the mattress onto the side closest to the headboard and then continue turning it over so that the bottom side of the mattress is now facing upwards.

3) Slide the mattress away from the headboard again and rotate it another 90° in the same direction.

4) Push the mattress back against the headboard so it sits properly in position on the frame.

Every other time you turn the mattress, you will only need to flip it. It is still best to rotate the mattress 90° as this makes it easier for both of you to hold the ends of the mattress. Simply rotate it 90° in the other direction when you’re done.

A good way to remember which way you need to flip your mattress is to label each end. Assuming you’re going to go and flip your mattress right now, when you’re done, write “March” the correct way up on the foot side of your mattress, and “June” upside down. On the head side of your mattress, write “September” the right way up and “December” upside down. Each time you flip the mattress, the correct month should be the right way up at the foot of the bed. If you don’t want to write directly on your mattress, you can safety-pin a label on instead.

Flipping your mattress regularly will prolong its life and ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep for you. Leave tossing and turning to the pancakes!

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