Meet the team

Mattressman James

Eccentric editor
Hi, I’m James. I’m here to keep errant commas and spelling mistakes at bay. I even make jokes sometimes.
Favourite mattress: The Emperor
I’m never seen without my… glasses.
Favourite food: Absolutely anything with cheese


Mattressman Kelly

Beatnik blogger
Hi, I’m Kelly. I make sure there’s always something interesting for you to read on our blog, keeping you up-to-date with all of the latest trends and at-home remedies.
Favourite mattress:
Hotel Rest Deluxe
I’m never seen without my… craft kit/glue gun!
What’s in your coffee? Gingerbread soy latte


Mattressman Rosie

Digital daydreamer
Hi, I’m Rosie. I’m part of the blog squad. It’s my job to keep you in the know, explaining everything from side sleeping to circadian rhythms!
Favourite mattress: Uno Gold Deluxe
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, of course!
Favourite expression: rip/gg


Graphic design guru
Hi, I’m Steve. I created the avatars you see on this page. They’re pretty funky, even if I do say so myself!
Favourite mattress: New Backcare ultimate 2000
I live for… story time with my daughter.
Favourite place: Behind my drum kit


Mattressman Louis

Communications chief
Hi, I’m Louis. I spend my days managing the team and making sure Mattressman always puts his best foot forward.
Favourite Mattress: Zero Gravity 1000
I live for… Pop Punk
Favourite place: Orlando, Florida


Mattressman Ben

Mischievous marketer
Hi, I’m Ben. I make sure everyone knows about our latest deals and that everything you see is accurate and looking good.
Favourite mattress: Cotton Pocket 1200 Chenille
Favourite TV show: Peep show
Favourite mantra: Play becomes joy, joy becomes work, work becomes play.


Mattressman Steven

Marketing maverick
Hi, I’m Steven. As part of the marketing team, I attend to all of our social media platforms. I’m a dab hand at photography, too!
Favourite mattress: Restapocket 1200 Memory
What’s in your coffee? Tea
Favourite place: My bed