Is our lack of sleep turning us into zombies?

Are we really living in a land of sleep-deprived zombies? Do you find yourself waking on a daily basis to feeling as though you’ve not slept at all, leaving you to take on the day life-less? Recent research would suggest that due to various reasons we are turning into a nation of the un-dead living off caffeine and lack of sleep, could it be true?

What are the symptoms of turning into a sleep zombie?

You can usually tell as soon as you wake as to whether you are sleep-deprived, low energy levels are a good tell-tale sign (besides the obvious traits such as struggling to keep your eyes open and continued yawning) 

If you have been suffering from sleepless nights recurrently you’ll likely feel increasingly irritable, have low self-esteem and possibly impatient. Sleep zombies can usually be found fuelling up on coffee too!

Continuing with your everyday duties can become very difficult when you’re missing out on sleep as a lack of shut-eye can result in a loss of concentration too, and things like driving or operating machinery should be avoided.

Is there a cure?

Fortunately, if you are suffering from a case of “zombification”, it needn’t be forever and don’t worry the cure doesn’t involve medication, just a few small tips which may not transform your sleep overnight but in the long-term, they can help dramatically and leave you waking as though you are among the living.

Create a bedtime ritual

Conjour up a few things in the evening that keep you relaxed like reading a book or listening to a sleepy podcast or even adding some sleep-inducing potions such as Lavender Oil to your bath will prepare you for a good nights sleep.

Avoid using your phone before bed

Ward off feelings of the undead and avoid using your phone and other devices right before you go to sleep, phones and tablets emit blue light which can damage our sleep, set a timer a few hours before you go to BedMan to remind you to switch off your phone, to allow your brain downtime.

Refrain from Caffeine

Drinking more caffeine than usual is a tell-tale sign that you’re sleep-deprived, although caffeine is great for giving you a little lift when you’re feeling tired, too much can cause you to lose out on valuable shut-eye, no to mention the other effects it can have on your health.  Why not try drinking a herbal tea or even opt for a warm malty drink before bedtime.

Will you be using our tips to help prevent the”zombification”?

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Kelly Clisby

Kelly Clisby

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