Is autumn the best season for sleep?

We’re all sad to be saying goodbye to the warm weather and long evenings of summer, but it has to be said that autumn is a pretty good season when it comes to getting some shut-eye. And with those darker evenings drawing in and cooler months on the way, there isn’t a better time to switch up your sleep routine.

To make sure you’re as snug as bug and winter-ready, we have a list of things below that will get you in the mood for autumn and perfectly primed for warding off those winter blues.

Cool means comfortable

As summer draws to a close, so do warm evenings – and saying hello to the cooler evenings can only mean one thing: a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

Making sure your room is the right temperature before going to bed is imperative to getting a good night’s sleep. Therefore, if you feel your room is too cool for sleep then it may be a good idea to invest in a new duvet. Before putting it straight on your bed, take the time to assess whether you need to increase the weight of your duvet; a higher tog rating may be the difference between getting a good night’s sleep or shivering like a leaf.

Darker evenings bring prime sleeping hours!

With autumn bringing shorter days, it means plenty of evenings spent cosying under a blanket with a good book, which can be a great way to unwind after a long day and the perfect start to an indulgent pre-bedtime routine – mine is usually followed by a long soak in the tub and a warm mug of hot chocolate. Evening rituals such as this can really work wonders for your sleep and leave you feeling refreshed and energised in the mornings.

Get ready to hibernate

As autumn and winter return, many creatures start getting ready to hibernate, and as much as we’d love to join them, all wrapped up in their cosy little dens, we all love our beds that little bit too much. On that point, now is a great time to do some nesting of your own and to check whether your mattress needs turning or rotating. Our mattresses usually require regular turning, and so what better time to do this than a change of season?

Summer may be over, but hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration for your autumn sleep routine!

Will you be snuggling up with a good book? What is the favourite part of your autumn sleep routine? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Sleep well!

Kelly Clisby

Kelly Clisby

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