Healthy bedtime snacks

We’re often told not to eat right before bedtime, particularly large carb-heavy meals, as food can be a big contributing factor for a bad night’s sleep – but what if those late-night cravings spring up? Just what can you eat that is good for you and will help you get to sleep as well?

Here’s our list of bedtime snacks that aren’t likely to ruin your sleep routine – and they’re healthy, too!

Peanut butter on toast

A small amount of peanut butter on wholegrain toast is ideal for a little filling snack at any time of day, especially during your bedtime routine.

Peanut butter contains melatonin, which is proven to slow our bodies down and make us crave sleep, so a helping of toast with peanut butter could be the answer to our sleep snack woes!

Dried fruit and nuts

Walnuts are also a source of melatonin, making them a great evening snack if you’re feeling peckish before bedtime. Mixed with some dried fruit, they are a great grab-and-go snack, making them ideal for your bedtime routine or during the day.

Cereal and milk

You may be surprised to know that a small bowl of cereal can be great as a bedtime snack. Soy and almond milk are great alternatives to dairy milk, and cereal is quick and easy to prepare. The experts at the National Sleep Foundation believe that a bowl of cereal enjoyed as part of your bedtime routine could be just the thing to help you get to sleep, thanks to the carbohydrates in the cereal and calcium in the milk.

Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a healthy alternative to regular sweet yoghurt and is a great option to reach for when you are craving an evening snack. Yogurt contains calcium, which is proven to reduce stress and induce a feeling of tiredness, making Greek yogurt a healthy choice for a bedtime snack.

Vegetables and hummus

Another healthy snack perfect for nearer bedtime is sliced vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and celery, eaten with plenty of hummus for a delicious and healthy treat. Chickpeas are a source of tryptophan, which produces melatonin and can send you off to sleep.

These healthy snacks can be enjoyed any time of day and can easily be packed in a storage box for an on-the-go lunch, however, we think they work really well in the evening, as they’re ideal for a healthier midnight snack and will ensure that you’re not going to bed on an empty stomach.

Do you enjoy a snack before bed? Now you know about these bedtime snacks that aren’t likely to ruin your sleep routine, will you be switching to one of our healthy options? Let us know below!

Sleep well!

Kelly Clisby

Kelly Clisby

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