Have Fun Keeping Fit in the Fresh Air this Summer

Things are hotting up with the arrival of summer, which can make sleeping a bit of a struggle. At Mattressman, we know that regular exercise helps us to sleep better, so we’ve got a few fitness tips for you to try out this summer in the great outdoors – that way, you can keep fit without missing out on the bright mornings and warm summer evenings.

It’s time to break free from the gym, as we’re getting out and about in the sunshine! Now is the best time to get some fresh air whilst the weather is warm and dry, so outdoor exercises are the way forward.

If you’re lucky enough to have a local BMF (British Military Fitness) or parkrun you can take part in, why not give it a try? Both of these events usually take place in parks and open green spaces, so you can get your daily dose of exercise and fresh air in scenic surroundings – you’ll meet like-minded people, too!

Open-air swimming pools are a great way to get outside and exercise, so if you’re fortunate enough to have one on your doorstep, make the most of it while the weather’s on your side. It’s great fun for all the family, too!

On really hot days, try not to exercise in the midday heat – by sticking to early mornings and late evenings, you’ll conserve energy, minimise the risk of dehydration and sunstroke, and it’ll also leave the main bulk of the day free for having fun in the sun.

Fresh air and increased oxygen mean you’ll be in a great mood with all of that serotonin, plus being in a different environment means you don’t realise how long you’re exercising for, unlike when you’re running on a treadmill. That means more enjoyment, which leads to more exercise and a healthier, happier lifestyle!

With regular outdoor workouts, you’ll find you start to get better quality sleep, especially if it’s in a comfy bed from  Mattressman!

Sleep Well!

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