Don’t Get Bogged Down with Togs – Just Think Toga!

Tog – it’s an odd word, isn’t it? Retailers and manufacturers regularly use it to convey the level of insulation a duvet provides, but it’s often branded as confusing or vague. The history of the word is quite interesting though, and provides a handy way of remembering how the tog system works.

The Shirley Institute in Manchester, England first coined the word in the 1940’s, where it was used as a measurement of thermal resistance. However, when those clever Mancunians first penned the word, they were, in fact, rehashing an informal word already used to describe clothes or getting dressed, like “Let’s get togged up in our glad rags tonight”. The word is also thought to have derived from the Latin word toga.

“Right, but how does this help me?” Well, it’s this fascinating history that can help you to remember how the tog system works.

The rule is simple: togs are like togas. For example, if you’re a hot sleeper, you definitely don’t want 12 togas on top of you, and if it’s winter and there’s a blizzard blowing outside, you’d definitely think about wearing a few extra layers (or togas) before stepping outdoors. So the next time you’re on the market for a new duvet, just think to yourself, how many togas do I really need?

Here’s an ingenious infographic to illustrate what we mean:

And if you forget this little tip from our tog blog, don’t worry, our friendly sales team is always on hand, both in store and online, to refresh your memory. We also have an awesome array of duvets and pillows in stock, all available with a variety of different fillings and from 4.5 to 13.5 togs.

Sleep well!

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