Could a good night’s sleep be the key to your happiness?

This may sound like a big “I told you so” moment, one that will fill parents across the world with a smug sense of vindication, but it turns out that getting a good night’s sleep really is the most important thing in life – and not just during childhood.

One of the latest studies to survey people’s happiness was published today, and the results are pretty astounding: when it comes to personal wellbeing, sleep “outweighs sex, chatting, going for a walk, [and] eating with family”. Isn’t that amazing!!

We know we may sound slightly biased, being sleep enthusiasts and all, but if there’s one thing we know how to get right, it’s sleep! What’s more, if you take a look at all the other things on that list, such as earning more money or making time for family and friends, improving your sleep is definitely one of the easier things to accomplish.

Here are a few low-cost purchases that can quickly improve your sleep:

Top up your sleep – Toppers are great for rejuvenating old mattresses on a budget. We stock several mattress toppers on our website, from single to king size, and many of them are under £100!

Flower power – Spraying your pillow with lavender oil is a great way to make your bed more enticing. Research has also found that lavender increases slow-wave sleep, the deepest part of sleep that makes you feel revitalised.

Duvet, don’t they? – Some of us are hot sleepers and some of us sleep cold. If you’re uncertain about what type of duvet you need, check out our Tog Blog. It explains where that weird-sounding word comes from and all about the different kinds of tog rating.

Soothing sounds – There are loads of free apps that you can download that play natural sounds to transport you to the land of nod. Some of our favourite sounds include crashing waves, thunderstorms and birdsong.

If you’ve read about the study by Oxford Economics today and you’re wondering how you can make your life that little bit better, make a small change and visit

Sleep well!

James Murray

James Murray

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