Buying A New Bed And Mattress

Buying A New Bed And Mattress

Feel like updating your room? The most important thing to update in any room is your Bed and Mattress.

You spend one third of your life asleep, and comfort is paramount in getting a good nights’ kip. Sleep affects vital factors in your waking life; energy levels, mood, vitality, performance and focus, and so getting a good quality rest can do wonders for your health.

Many people refuse to get rid of their old beds and sagging mattresses with the view that it still ‘works’ and getting a new one is unnecessarily expensive. This is not the case at all- a new bed and mattress; while certainly being an investment, will make you wonder how you lived without it and improve your quality of sleep no end- this is invaluable and will show its worth in day to day life.

So where to start? Obviously the bed frame is the thing that the all-important mattress is lying on, but its important to look at it as more than just a mattress stand.

A Classic wooden bed frame

When picking a bed frame, make sure you consider all options, such as size. If you’re a single sleeper, but fidget and move around the bed a lot then it would be worth getting a double bed for maximum space and comfort. If you sleep with a partner, make sure that you are both happy with the size and style of the bed, whether Double, King, or Super King Mattress.

The materials of bed frame range from metal, to wood, upholstery, and leather. This is generally selected to match the décor in the room, but there are other factors to consider- a wooden bed or upholstered bed will make a room seem calmer than a metal bed, as wood absorbs sound and vibration.

If space is an issue, Ottoman Beds and Divans both offer storage options without compromising on style.

A brown leather ottoman storage bed

Buying the mattress is probably even more important than the frame, as this is what supports your body, and allows your muscles and joints to relax and re-align in preparation for the next day.

Memory Foam is one of those love-it or hate-it options; some claim that gives you the most comfortable night sleep ever, whereas others complain of it being unbearable to sleep on.

The best way to find out if it’s for you is to go to a mattress store and try them out. Try a few spring mattresses to compare to the memory foam. Take up your usual sleeping position on the mattress and stay there until you are relaxed- this should give you an approximate view of how the mattress would feel when you’re sleeping.

A stylish and modern white leather bedstead

Consider the same things you did for beds- if you move around a lot or warm up while asleep you might find that memory foam gets to hot and is too clingy. On the other hand, if you have a bed partner, then memory foam is ideal as it supports both bodies individually, and absorbs movement- so if one person moves, the other one is not affected.

Lastly, make sure the measurements of the mattresses are correct, as there is nothing worse that getting your lovely new bed and mattress home and finding it doesn’t fit. Keep in mind the measurements of your bed, and if you have an unusual size- you may even need a custom mattress size.

Overall buying a bed and mattress is something that you look into before buying- so when you walk into that mattress store you know exactly what you want from a bed and mattress, and you can use the salespeople’s expertise to help you get it.

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