Blooming Monday Brightens Britain

Blooming Monday Brightens Britain

Colourful picture of Mattressman in different hues

With today (Blue Monday) being supposedly the most depressing day of the year, various good-willed charities have decided to banish the gloom and doom from this dull day, and inject a bit of colour into the darkness.

Mental Health Research UK have launched their own unique campaign to banish the winter blues, calling it ‘Blooming Monday’ and have invited the nation to wear their brightest and most colourful clothes to work today.

This innovative scheme aims to raise the national mood, bring some light to one of the gloomiest days of the year, and raise awareness for people suffering with mental health issues like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and depression.

DR Laura Davidson of MHRUK said about the day “Down with drab, dreary colours — this Monday, let’s brighten up Britain”.
“This is not just about awareness of seasonal affective disorder and depression, but it’s also a wellbeing campaign. Whilst wearing bright colours will not prevent SAD, which is caused by a lack of sunlight, there has been plenty of research linking mood and colour.”

So why not put some brightness into your day today — download a colourful screensaver, smile at a stranger, and why browse through more colourful bed frames on our website, and dream up thoughts of a beautiful bedroom!


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