And you thought Mattressman was just a mascot…

Mattressman is probably one of the most adorable superheroes going, so we thought we’d tell you a little more about him.

Mattressman loves being good to the planet. That’s why he doesn’t just sit back and leave our landfill sites to deal with the 7.5 million mattresses that are discarded there each year. Mattressman does something different, something better: he recycles.

Mattressman has saved thousands of used mattresses over the years from ending up on the scrap heap, taking a stand against the millions of people who simply take their old mattress down the dump, where they’re left to gather mould and make our planet that little bit less beautiful.

To crack down on the number of mattresses finding their way to UK landfill sites, Mattressman initiated a local recycling service that, for a small fee, collects like-for-like items and transports them to a British recycling centre for processing. Once there, your old mattress, bed frame or divan is broken down into its constituent parts. The springs are then sent to steel mills for repurposing, the foam sanitised and reused for things like carpet underlays and anything else is harvested for energy production.

So the next time you find yourself looking into those big round eyes of our much loved mascot, remember that Mattressman’s much more than just a mascot, he’s our superhero.

Sleep well!

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