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Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house and the hardest to find practical storage solutions for. On this page you’ll find functional furnishings for most of your bathroom essentials, all with neutral or natural styles. We offer furnishings that can go in bathrooms that have extra room or can help a bathroom that has limited space. For example, the Colonial range from GFW offer large cabinets and laundry boxes, but also offer units that take up narrow spaces, furnishings designed to fit around sinks and wall-mounted features. The practicality goes even further as some furnishings display mirrors too. Most of the ranges we offer embody neutral or monochromatic tones, but we also have pieces that display natural woods that match a traditional bathroom more. Most of these furnishings can be made more decorative too, pieces with both cabinets and open shelves can store toiletries and cleaning products behind a closed door, but use the open shelves for ornaments or plants.
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