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Aero Bed

Aerobed produce a fantastic range of airbeds for use at home and while camping. There’ll be no waking up during the night on a half-deflated bed, as Aerobed use double valve plugs and highly durable PVC to keep their airbeds leak-free! Here at Mattressman we sell a wide range of Aerobed airbeds and pumps, including airbeds that self-inflate for convenience and raised airbeds that are as comfortable as sleeping in your own bed! Aerobed airbeds are brilliant for guests, and with pumps that fully deflate as well as inflate your airbed, they’re easy to store out of the way when you don’t need them!
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Aero Bed Airbeds

You’ll be a happy camper with Aerobed’s range of air mattresses! Sturdy, comfortable, easy to store and even easier to inflate, an airbed makes a practical spare bed, whether you need something light and portable for a camping trip or just have some last-minute guests. Made from durable PVC and featuring double-lock valves, you can rest assured that Aerobed airbeds will stay fully inflated throughout the night. Self-inflating and deflating airbeds make the job totally stress-free, and features such as in-built pillows, flocked surfaces, and split tension ensure a comfortable night’s sleep!

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