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Elainer’s luxurious bedding accessories will guarantee you a good night’s sleep and make your pillows and mattress last and last! Elainer’s range of cotton and cotton blend sheets and pillow cases will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night, while an Elainer mattress topper is just the thing to either revive an old mattress or make a new one even better! Elainer also make a fantastic range of pillow and mattress protectors to keep your bed fresher for longer.
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Elainer Mattress Toppers

For an instant pick-me-up for an older mattress or to make a new mattress even more comfortable, get an Elainer mattress topper! These soft and luxurious toppers guarantee a fantastic night’s sleep!

Elainer Mattress Protectors

For extra comfort and great protection for your mattress, choose an Elainer mattress protector! Quilted for a luxurious feel and easy to fit, Elainer mattress protectors help to keep your mattress fresher for longer.

Elainer Sheets

Elainer’s luxurious sheets will have you sleeping sound night after night! With both polycotton blends and pure cotton sheets available, the Elainer range will keep you cool and comfortable!

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